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Wind farms are they the new alternative energy source? Yes, wind can be a solution for energy usage. Wind is currently 7% of the overall utility output.   "New Grid May be Needed, But So is Smarter Use" by Richard Harris.  "Power companies are planning to beef up the nation's electricity transmission grid. At the same time, conservationists are trying to reduce the vast amount of power wasted in Americans' homes and offices. That raises a question: If we simply used energy more efficiently, would we need to spend billions of dollars on a new grid?" (Richard Harris) LAND sees the need for beefing up the grid; moreover, utilities and municipalities are encouraged to increase alternative energy solutions that are in alignment with the electrical grid.  Too often we focus on one grand solution, discounting BIG Picture Thinking solutions.  The grid is in need of repair as it has been for 20 years plus.  Now is the time to cross generate solutions for a bright economic and sustainable future. We can "Wind" with Electrical Solutions!

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