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July 27, 2010-Monitoring has been a preventive solution to overt tragedy and drive quality control.  The global business community is experiencing economic challenges generating a chain reaction that mandates cost reductions, employee layoffs, and technological backups.  Sustainable solutions suggest that with every layoff we loose organizational intelligence and become more dependent on technology.  The outcome of such changes is the breakdowns in  systems that inevitably cause losses, workarounds, poor quality and over stressing the organization financially and in production.  Monitoring of systems in real time with dedicated professionals can reduce organizational breakdowns to drive quality and prevent loss.  We suggest that this is the best time for a sustainable overhaul of organizations. Organizations that are employing strategic planning, intelligence gap analysis, organizational assessment, technology integration and resource utilization can prevent the incidents that have befallen many companies such as, BP, Dell, Apple and more... See LANDGET for assistance in sustainable engineering.  Hear our Podcast:
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