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August 2, 2010- Well, the environmentally minded will tell you that we need to break our addiction to fossil fuels, and that includes a move to clean energy sources, like wind and .... solar. Enbridge's involvement with the Sarnia project goes to show that there's an alternative to oil.   Jeff Kart, Bay City Michigan  In announcing the venture late last year, Enbridge officials pegged the expansion cost at $300 million (Canadian)."

The Irony, is repeating the same largess developments that created our current  economic trends to build and peacock as the pharaohs generating large scale facilities. We conclude that the large factories producing renewable energy solutions: 1) Integrate energy efficient conversions that reduces energy usage but, moreover, produces an efficient intelligence that is integrated in total system,  processes and technology; and, 2) Model sustainable solutions and new standards that adapt new cognitive, service and product platforms.

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